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It might seem that Silverwood 2019 is far away, but the 50th Anniversary is closer than you think! There is a LOT of planning going into making the show spectactular! I am excited to have been selected as the official photographer for this event, and I want to make it as GREAT an experience for everyone as possible! Please take a minute to select the tabs below and read all about what you can expect from me, how my procedures work and why I will have a method for how I work. The more organized we all are, the smoother everything will run and the happier everyone will be!
Win Photos

You MUST pre-pay for your win photos
Just like Silverwood 2017 in Modesto, CA, I require you to pre-pay for your win photos. Because you pre-pay, if you choose to use a credit card, you will only need to have it one time at the winners area if you have multiple opportunities to have win photos taken. Once it's on file, you will not need to bring it additional times.

Since I require you to pre-pay for your win photos, I have a computer set up with an assistant so that you can view the photos and choose the one you like! I am here for YOU - and I want you to be happy with the photos taken. You will tell me how you like your dog photographed, my opinion will only go so far as the photography set up goes. If you want a full on profile or a 3/4 angle, or two feet up on the posing stand and a full face shot, the choice is always yours!

This time, the viewing area will be set up AWAY from the posing area. After a variety of photos have been taken, you and your dog will go over to the viewing area to select your photos. If you are not happy with any of the ones take and wish to retake, you will need to come get back in line. This will keep the line flowing and others who go more quickly will not have to wait and extended time while we take and retake photos. If you know your shoot might be more difficult or complicated than others, please consider making the decision to go last or towards the end. If you go last, then you or someone with you can go back and forth checking the computer while we shoot. I do NOT want this happening unless you are last as it will slow things way down for everyone.

50th Anniversary!
We will not be in a separate room as in some of the hotels of past events. Just like last time in Galveston, we are fortunate enough to have the HUGE space at the convention center in the same room as the show. This can be noisy and destracting for some dogs, so please be considerate of others having their photos taken and don't play with your dogs near the photo area or do things that might be distracting to the photo process.

There will be a posing ramp this time as well as decorations (flowers) provided specially for the 50th anniversary. These will not be an issue with the MBTCA photos as it will be beautiful for all dogs. HOWEVER, the BTCA would like the 50th anniversary logo in each BTCA win photo - and rather than having it printed and drapped onto the backdrop, I have suggested it be super-imposed onto each photo. Although more work for me, I believe this will help your photos to not have an "added feature" look to them.

Order of taking photos - in Modesto there was some confusion as to "who was next," so I will have a clipboard where you can make an order. I can't worry about who thought they were next and gets upset that someone else steps in. I'm sorry, but it's enough to work on getting you a great photo without stopping to see if someone is cutting a line. If you believe you should be in a certain spot in line, please work that out amongst yourselves. If I have a list, and you step out of the area, I will make an effort to calling you out of the grooming area, but will quickly move on to the next person if you aren't readily visible or there - a necessity to keep things flowing.

If you are able to help out with posing dogs, please let me know!! I am always willing to work out deals for FREE ringside candids if you can take some time to help with setting them up exactly as the owner/handler wants. I always apprecaite any help I can get!

  • After photos, head to computer to reivew and pay.
  • If your happy with your images, choose your pacakge and payment method.
  • If you're not happy with the photo, return to the line, add your name to the bottom of the list, and retake!

Please DO NOT come in to take a photo and say "just fix it later in photoshop!"

Every effort will be made to get you the best possible win photo. I always include basic editing of stray hair, or if an eye is closed but you love the photo, etc, but edits such as "move the dogs head down or up, move the tail or feet, anything that requires "move or change" other than the basics is NOT included in the price of photos. Let's get it right in the photo.

Having an ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) Certificate in the past, I am very confident with my editing skills. As a digital media manager and editor, I charge $65 an hour for basic editing and $100 an hour for labor intensive editing - all with a one hour minimum. For The bull terriers, I charge $40 an hour for both. So, if you feel after looking at your win photo you will desire some editing, DO NOT LEAVE the photo area without checking with me first. Additional photos might need to be taken to have "fill" area that will be required for your edits..

Digitals and Prints

Win photos will be offered as both prints and digital images. There will be show specials like in Modesto, where you can order both and save. These will NOT be available after the show, standard pricing will apply.

There are NO surprises with sizing on images - both digital and prints are sized to 8x10.

It is my intent to have all images delivered and/or ordered and mailed out within two weeks of returning home. Since I will be super-imposing the logo on each image, it will not be possible to deliver your digital images on site.

Because I work by Pre-Pay only, I do not have an issue with you taking a cell phone photo for your social media and sharing as long as it doesn't disrupt the flow of the photo area. Those of you who walk away and don't pre-pay at the time of the images will cause me to stop allowing this process, so please don't ruin it for everyone.

I have not changed my rates in two years, show pricing is still:

  • (1) 8x10 Print $35
  • (2) 8x10 Print of same image $50
  • (1) Digital Image $50
  • (1) Digital Image and (1) 8x10 print (same image) $65
  • Combinations NOT available after the show ends
Your pre-pay obligation is for one win image, however, any you select as "favorites" while viewing will be available after the event is complete, online for additional purchases at standard rates. You may purchase more than one image in at the special rates, but you may not combine images in specials.
Ringside Candids/Privates

I can't be everywhere!
No matter how hard I try, I can't cover two rings at the same time.

With the BTCA and MBTCA running many shows at the same time, I can only be in so many places at once. Since this is the 50th anniversary of Silverwood, the priority must be given to the BTCA and 100% of my time will be given to the Silverwood Show.

I will be jumping back and forth on all other days to make an effort to covering as much of both rings as possible. I have spoken with another photography enthusiast who is always ringside, and he has agreed to also shoot candids when is not in the ring himself. Those candids will also be available for sale on the same site.

If you would like to guarantee photos, to the best of my ability, you can purchase a photo package plan in advance! (All plans must be purchased minimum one day in advance) A link will be added here no later than September 2019 to start taking orders for ringside shots.

Pre-purchased ringside orders will get you EVERY photo I take based on the package you order! No deciding which ones you want. If I am not able to shoot your dog (due to conflicts), or I do not get a certain number of what I consider quality photos - all of your money is refunded! You lose nothing with a pre-pay. All pre-pay ringside orders are also given editing priority. Your ringside shots will be processed before all other participants that are randomly shot.

There are times when the photo area will be closed

**IMPORTANT** There will be no posing, viewing or photos taken in the photo area during the rescue parade or duing the costume parade.

If you would like to view your photos at other times in addition to right when you take them, please contact me on site to arrange a time for me to meet you and go over them. During any event, I will be ringside shooting, but I have no problem coming to the photo area before a show starts, or staying later, after the win photos have completed.

Private Photo Shoots

Private photo shoots on the beach or other locations are limited due to time constraints.

Only a few private photo shoots will take place - and those will be between the hours of sunrise and 8:00am. I do not foresee enough time to do sunset photos and there is never time between events. I will only do private photo shoots on the beach (or other location) by pre-arrangement. The same special BT pricing from 2018 will apply! Check back in September for a link to sign up and pay a deposit.

ALL photographers are different!

Many of you have your favorite photographers - I get that, but here is a little about me and what you can hopefully expect from me.

Giving you the photos of your dogs that you are looking for is a priority. All photographers shoot different, and I have my style. If it is not what you like or want, you can let me know specifically what you are looking for. If I am not able to capture that, you will not hurt my feelings by not purchasing ringside candids. I get it, everyone wants something different.

I truly love your dogs. My passion will be in each photo - win photos, ringside shots, and my favorites - the "naughty dog" photos. These are bull terriers and mini bull terriers - they are supposed to have fun and show their personality! If I get your dog enjoying themself in the ring, enjoy it with them! Dog shows have been described by some as boring, those people have never been to a bull terrier show!

My personality has rarely been described as crabby or rushed. I am here for you - this is YOUR show! Take your time with your win photos! Everyone will be allowed their time. I never want you to feel rushed or pressured. Remember when you are in line and feel like it's going too slow, you will also get as much time as you need to get the shot you want. Enjoy the moment and celebrate your event!