Go Dog Photo

What is included?

All images (taken by either Go Dog Photo or Dogs in Motion Photography).

Can I choose a color scheme?

Yes! Base colors and orientation (vertical vs horizontal) are you choices.

What is needed?

Choose the photos you want, the size and the medium and I'll do all the work.

Basic information

Any photos can be used with certain requirements. If not taken by Go Dog Photo or Dogs in Motion Photography, you MUST have written permission from the photographer to use the image. It MUST be a very high quality image in both subject and size.

The number of images used will be based on the size of the composite you want to order. These are meant to be wall art and decorations - so I limited the number of images to make sure your art is not cluttered and looks it's very best.

We both do! It's a process - based on the size and orientation of the composite you order - I ask you to choose a certain number of images that you want. I will have you choose more than what is needed - this way I will choose from your favorites the best that will fit your composite to make it look amazing.

No - sorry. I spend a huge amount of time and effort into designing these as wall art. That is why I only print them on Acrylic, Metal and Canvas. If you really wanted a print, I would charge the same price for Metals for the print. It is important that it is displayed to look it's best. I DO NOT sell the digital copies of the composites ever. I give you a small, watermarked, websized copy to show off on the internet with each purchase.

Pricing and Medium

All Acrylic is done on 1/8" acrylic with a solid black backing to make it opaque. The printing is done with the Lumachrome process which will make your photos jump right out at you! This is not an inexpensive process, but it is by far my favorite for showing off your composites. All acrylics come with a hanging frame on the back unless requested otherwise. Prices do not include shipping.

  • 8x10 - 1 image only - $235
  • 11x14 - 2-3 images - $255
  • 12x18 - 2-4 images - $290
  • 12x36 - 2-5 images - $400
  • 16x20 - 2-5 images - $410
  • 24x36 - 2-6 images - $575
  • Metal is a very nice, vibrant want to show off your composite. Thinner than the acrylic, but still metal strong!! All metal composites come with a hanging system already on the back untless requested otherwise. Unique cuts and sizes can be specially requested. Prices do not include shipping.

  • 11x14 - 2-3 images - $200
  • 16x20 - 2-5 images - $325
  • 24x36 - 2-6 images - $450
  • Canvas prints are all fully stretched and have a solid backing and hanging system already in place. No open back hollow canvas, but sealed, solid and beautiful! Prices do not include shipping. Additional sizes can be requested.,p>

  • 11x14 - 2-3 images - $210
  • 16x20 - 2-5 images - $335
  • 24x36 - 2-6 images - $450
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