About Go Dog Photo

A little about me, my experience and history!

Being the sole photographer, why do I mention "us" throughout the site? That's easy! You might only see me at your event, but there is more going on behind the scenes. Sometimes I do have another photographer or an assistant with me. There are assistants helping with uploads and downloads to the internet as well as managing pictures keeping things in order!

I prefer to do the photography myself. I have had others shooting with me on occasion, but I feel a sense of responsibility for all the pictures. If they do not turn out how I would have liked them, good or not, I am disappointed. Every photographer has his or her own style. To run a business means you must have your style represented, and no one does that better than me!

Photography began for me as fun more than 35 years ago. I began taking pictures for a living more than 20 years ago, and I just keep having fun!

Throughout my life, I have had some great inspirations. Currently my daughter, and my bulldogs are the biggest! With my daughter no longer at home, my focus has zeroed in on the dogs. I am a sucker for ANY bull breed! I have owned or loved many of them, including Pitbulls and Bull Terriers! I KNOW what great dogs these are and love to take their pictures to help educate the public that fear, like respect, should be earned and not just given or assumed.