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A little about me, my experience and history!.

Being the sole photographer, why do I mention "us" throughout the site? That's easy! You might only see me at your event, but there is more going on behind the scenes. Sometimes I do have another photographer or an assistant with me. There are assistants helping with uploads and downloads to the internet as well as managing pictures keeping things in order!

You WANT Go Dog Photo at your show!

I prefer to do the photography myself. I have had others shooting with me on occasion, but I feel a sense of responsibility for all the pictures. If they do not turn out how I would have liked them, good or not, I am disappointed. Every photographer has his or her own style. To run a business means you must have your style represented, and no one does that better than me! The one exception to this is my business partner, Bethany Howell of Dogs in Motion Photography. I would showcase and buy her photography anytime - which is why she and I work togther often.

Photography began for me as fun more than 40 years ago. I began taking pictures for a living more than 25 years ago, and I just keep having fun!

Throughout my life, I have had some great inspirations. Currently my daughter, and my bulldogs are the biggest! With my daughter no longer at home, my focus has zeroed in on the dogs. I am a sucker for ANY bull breed! I have owned or loved many of them, including Pitbulls and Bull Terriers! I KNOW what great dogs these are and love to take their pictures to help educate the public that fear, like respect, should be earned and not just given or assumed.

Ringside candids and obedience/rally get the same attention. I will not be running from ring to ring to get a few shots of a few dogs. I ONLY do National Events and Specialities. When I sit at the side of your ring, you will know that each dog and handler will have their photos taken.

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