About Composites

A brief introduction to composite art.

Composite art is a way of taking multiple pictures - pulling a specific part of the photo off the rest (removing the dog) then custom building a piece of art so that all the images are now incorporated together!

The images do NOT have to be of the same pet, or the same sport! Any composite can be custom done. This is a very time intensive procedure, so your patience is requested. I will work with you to help choose a coloring style you like, a layout and the type of medium you want it printed on.

Composite art is NOT for digital download or small prints. All composites start at 11x14 sizes and are printd to be wall art. I have samples of different styles and printed on different types of medium for you to view in person. An internet photo really doesn't do them justice.

Samples of Composites These are just a few samples of the type of composites I do.

Go Dog Photo Composites

Pet portraits

Portrait Composites
Go Dog Photo Composites

Action Composites

Agility, Dock Diving, Barn Hunt & More!
Go Dog Photo Composites

Large Animal Composites

Horses, Riding, Rodeo & More!