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Frequently Asked Questions!!

Just a few questions people seem to have. Do see your question here? Feel free to Contact Me.

Event Questions

This one is tricky! Any local event (Phoenix/Metro Area) - if the event is large enough and I am the only photographer, then the fee can be waived providing I am the "official/exclusive" photographer on site. This would mean the event would have to help promote me to their members to help make sales. This can also be said for out of town events, with the exception of the addition of travel expences. Working for sales without a fee does not make it practical to travel for free.

No. I am a business and if I gave away free pictures to everyone I know or am friends with, I wouldn't be in business. If an event wants to pay a fee for my services, then a certain number of images might be factored into that fee for the event organizer to use at their discretion.

Yes! If you only want prints to be available for members of your event to purchase, then that can be done! Only downloads, no problem. Want both? That is pretty standard! If you only want certain sizes and options? Let me know!

This all depends on the number of pictures taken and the size of the event. Small or large, I like to have all pictures ready to go in one week or less. I noramlly will start uploading within 24 hours of the end of the event. Not all images are uploaded at once, but in bursts so that participants can start looking at the photos.

Not normally. I strive to only offer a high quality of photography. Refunds for poor images should rarely be necessary. With the new pricing and policy of quality photo guarantee, this should not ever be necessary. If you end up be completely dissatisfied with your purchase, I am always open to discuss ways to remidy the issue, and that could include a refund if a real problem exists. I do stand behind my work and feel that satisfaction of my clients is a top priority. If I can't fix it, or make it better, then we can talk refund.

Personal Photoshoot

No. I am an "on-site" photographer. I have a portable studio and I come to you. I shoot natural lighting, flash and I have a studio lighting kit and backdrops. Your shoot can be as natural or staged as you like.

Patience is key in working with animals. There is no charge for up to 30 mintues of getting to know you time. Letting your pets get used to me and my equipment is key. Your session fee's are deposits on purchases. So you are simply never out money for nothing. I have never had a session that failed to produce quality images. If it isn't possible and things just don't look good after 30 minutes, then there is no charge.

Yes! All photos from events and personal shots are online for viewing, download and purchase for one year. Password protection is available upon special request.

With the new pricing structure and package prices, all photos will now stay online for one year. It is your responsiblity to back up and save your downloaded images. If you lost a physical print, you wouldn't expect it to be replaced without cost, the same goes for digital.

The amount of time spent on each composite can range from 4-14 hours! That is a LOT of time to spend to create a beautiful, one of a kind, custom piece of art. Tack onto that the prices of the speciality medium I choose to have the art printed on, and that brings us to a price. I make very little from composites - it is just a love and passion. The outcome of each piece is stunning and you will find it is worth the price you pay for the one of a kind piece of wall art!