Photography High Dynamic Range - HDR

Fake HDR can be really, really bad

**IMPORTANT** Take a minute to read about HDR! Understanding High Dynamic Range will help.

When you hear about someone talking about an HDR image, do you wonder, what are they talking about? High Dynamic Range refers to pulling out the light, color, and details at all ranges of an image.

Normally, HDR is NOT used in action photography. There are a lot of nice plugins that can use one image to pull out details and give a single image an HDR look. I find these programs also create noise and grainy areas where it used to be dark and now it's trying to lighten it. HDR from a single image, especially if done poorly, will have a sort of "gray" appearance to it. Note the black around the dogs face in this image. It's very gray looking, as is the water.

HDR is best used with a tripod and multiple STILL images shot at different shutter speeds. When combined, you can use the lighter image areas masked over the darker. Best to go to the sample page to view good and bad samples of HDR images.

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