Photography The Right Approach

How professional photograhers approach a job

Buying a camera and calling yourself a professional has become all too easy today. With digital cameras being so affordable, many people go buy one, start shooting and call themselves professionals. But are they? It takes more than owning a big fancy camera to taking a good photo.

Digital photography should have the same basic approach as film photography. You want to capture the best possible image, right out of the camera! Too many "new" digital photographers just think they can fix everything in photoshop or some other program. This is a bad approach. Everything can't be fixed, and your photos will suffer.

There are a lot of young, amazing photographers out there that have never used a film camera. They have taken the time to learn HOW to not only use their cameras, but what it takes to create an amazing photo. From the right equipment for the job, to knowing your lighting, composition and what you expect to get out of the event you are shooting.

Remember, if you ask a photographer a question about the shots they are taking, and they say "I'll fix that later in Photoshop" unless they are talking about a leash removal or other object removal that they don't have the ability to move before they start shooting - take a really good look at their images!! They are likely not the professional they claim to be! Check out image samples here.

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