The show is over and the editing has begun! Below is some information about the photos you have ordered at the show as well as ordering candids and some free downloads. Please take just a moment to look it over, and feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions.

When will my photos arrive?

Let me start by thanking EVERYONE who came over to help! There were a few glitches and hiccups, but overall I think the process went as planned. Ok, if you ordered prints at the event of win photos, they are scheduled to go to the lab the week of October 23rd. I currently have smaller, websize versions online you can download - but more importantly, please check the spelling, show and win of your dog. If I don't hear from you before the 23rd, they will be going to the lab as is! You can view them here!

That same link can be used to view and download the costume contest as well as any digital images purchased at the show. You will also receive a private email with a password to download your purchased images. This is ONLY for win digital images pre-purchased. Please see below for candids and how to purchase.

Ringside candids can be viewed and purchased here! I sell four sizes of digital downloads. For those you will receive an email with a download link. Please note if you are downloading to a personal device, such as a phone or tablet, you will need an unzip program. If you do not have one, after your purchase, contact me and I will upload your images to a dropbox where you can easily get to them from any device.

I normally only sell two sizes of prints. 5x7 and 8x10 - I advice people to purchase the medium size download if they want 4x6 prints. This is due to the fact that the lab can be quite costly on the smaller sizes and you will likely find it more cost effective to print them yourself. If you would still like 4x6 images, just let me know.

Unfortunatley, the system will NOT let you order from multiple galleries. If you would like additional win photos, you must order them from HERE. I try to keep the ringside candids available in multiple sizes, where win photos are 8x10 only. This requires two different pricing structures, so I have to use two different galleries. It is something we have been working with the host to remedy!
I have set up an anonymous form for feedback. You can access it HERE! This form is strictly for feedback on the wireless process that I used at this event. While I know there were some hiccups and glitches, I have already come up with changes and solutions should I be invited back! But...I would like your feedback as well. Please note I don't always have control over such things as location, decorations, posing stand and the times both shows get done. But your feedback is always welcome!