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Why you want to hire me

Quality, integrity and a guarantee you will love your photos!! That's right, you won't find that in the "everyone wants to be a photographer" world today! 40+ years of experience is what you will be getting with your photos.

At GoDogPhoto, with few exceptions, I do not come out to your event and shoot every dog participating. Instead, I take pre-orders for packages and give you discount pricing! This is a competitive business, and a time consuming one as well. Many people forget, photographers are not done at the end of the event. By photographing this way, I can concentrate only on the clients that really want photos - and guarantee them!! If I am not able to get the quaity photos that I hold myself to producing, then you get a full refund - AND a discount code to puchase the photos you do want! Event purchase forms are above on the navigation bar for all upcoming events!